Victor Prince Dickson

Regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in the world, Victor Prince Dickson is the Inventor of Kommon Sense, Founder of MRT Academy. He is the leading proponent of Organic Intelligence: Human Singularity programme and Master of the Knowledge Economy from Nigeria. Victor is also the Author of Thinking Field Trilogy and Anatomy of Entrepreneurship. Other books in view include: Anatomy of God, The Art of Silence in a Noisy World, Emotional Cloning, Interview with the Lucifer, Penis Conference(a play)

 Inventor, Founder, Author, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur, proficiency  Coach and Teacher.

He is the creator of various Thinking tools, Innovations models and Business Intelligence Maps such as 60 SECONDS, SPANIS WEB, ACTs Ribbon, A.N.T.S, GENESIS, SOVI Law, Vemometer, Innovation Crib Sheet, JACOBIAN CODE 1 and 2. TFQ Series and more. 

Executive Director of
 El-spice Media Limited. President, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants Consortium (TCC). He is the Nigerian Ambassador and Coordinating Ambassador for  World Creativity and Innovation Week Africa (WCIW AFRICA)

A serial Entrepreneur,  Victor is the Co-Founder, Synergy Agroallied Multipurpose Cooperative,  Co-Founder, Evolve Global Giants Consulting (E.G.Gs) and Co-Founder, Green Mart Express, Co-Founder Hadassah Schools Integrated.

 He is most regarded as a Disruptor, Innovator, Transformer and a Skilled Simulator.

His Consultancy services spread across related industries. Mr. Dickson has consulted for national and international organizations, one of which is GIZ. He is a Board member of Christ College of Theology, (CCOT) Langtang and Global Christos Life Ministry, Yingi, Rayfield Road, a.k.a Kingdom Center.

An astute Thinker, and a consummate Teacher.


Anatomy of things Victor Prince Dickson


In this season of uncertainties, fear, confusion and complexities there is the urgent need to Revalue, Redefine, Fine and Refine meanings, visions and purpose. Anatomy of Things (AOT) broadcast is not an answer for all questions but an inspiration to reclaim the power of the mind. My focus is to scale concept, principles and practice using the Spectrum of Knowing which includes Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom and Revelation.