Max and Charles are a dou who have discovered a passion to research and publish quick tips in different formats. Their focus is to inspire and support Creativeness, Innovation, Leadership and Transformation.  some their projects includes, ” The 50 Series” “Inspiration Friday” “Strategic Weekend” and “Do you Know” podcast among others.


Maxwell Yekaghe Head, operation El-spice

Maxwell Yekaghe

Maxwell is the Chief Operating Officer at El-spice Media Limited. He is the Programme Director of the Micro Reality Thinking Academy (MRTA) and Project Manager of Leadership Innovation for School Prefects (LISP).

Max is a Researcher, Editor, Writer and Brand Evangelist for Kommon Sense. His core competencies are Value Execution and Operations Management. He is passionate about helping individuals, organizations, institutions and nations align their Value creation efforts and practices to achieve global results. He is also the author of the Soon to be released book. “Moving the Needle”


Saint Charles Emmanuel Head, Media

Charles Ekenedilichukwu Emmanuel

Charles Ekenedilichukwu Emmanuel is a Proficient Leadership, Career, and Life coach. A passionate Teacher, Speaker, and Mentor.

The President of African Students Leadership Summit recognized as the largest conference of all student leaders across the world. He is currently the Head of Media at El-Spice. Convener of the LinkedInConnectAfrica, Executive Director of Varsity Innovative Media (Vimedia Africa) an educational media company poised to generate innovation, products, solution and services of African descent to the world.



The fact is that the world is daily becoming busier with tons and tons of information at our disposal. Many of them with a short life span. Very often in trying to meet up the daily dosage, we become overwhelmed with loads of data and suffer Information Overload. Nonetheless it is still your duty to learn daily to improve your person, career and business.

This where the  “50 Series Project” comes in. Our passion is to research, ideas, Concepts, Quotes, Breakthrough, Inventions, Innovation, People, Causes and Place that will inspire new learning  without the burden of Surfing the internet to the Point of 

  1. Analyses Paralyses
  2. Productivity Illusion
  3. productivity Complex.

We shall be publishing this findings for FREE.

Inspirational Friday


Inspiration Friday is a journey of Time Intelligence and Competence. It is an email update that seeks to help you deploy your time for productivity and optimal performance. Signing up for our Friday Email updates will galvanize your performance during work days as we intend to  Share phenomenal Tips, Insight and Stories on how best to leverage on your weekend to win Week days.